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Our priorities


Each item represented is certified and has a quality that meets European standards.


Each service and product is covered by a 2-year warranty, in some cases it is longer.


Every customer is especially important to us and we want to provide the best quality of our services.

Heating boilers

Hybrid boilers that burn flue gas in this way gain extra heat and reduce fuel costs.

  • Solid fuel boiler
  • Pellet boiler
  • Biomass boiler
  • Boiler installation

Fencing systems

Different types and high quality fences with friendly prices for every taste.

  • Wired fence installation
  • Metinātā žoga montāža
  • Field fence installation
  • Eco fence installation
  • Old fence demolition

Chimney systems

Stainless steel chimney systems produced in Lithuania and recognized in Europe. With CE marking.

  • Double wall chimney systems
  • Circular cross-section flue liners system
  • Oval cross-section flue liners system
  • Fasteners and Finishing Details
  • Nonstandard Products

Gate automation

We offer you solutions for automatic gate systems manufactured in Latvia.

  • For swing gates
  • Sliding gates
  • Garage gates
  • Industrial gates
  • Barriers


Similar to fencing, gates are made in the Czech Republic and have proven their quality in terms of service life and durability.

  • Single gate
  • Double gates
  • Garage door
  • Industrial gates

Smart house

Certified Croatian home server block for convenient home management and remote security without unnecessary monthly payments.

  • Smart screens
  • Video surveillance
  • Security sensors
  • Heat control
  • Smart alarm