Heating boilers

The unique internal structure of the boilers we offer allows the use of more efficient and economical technology fuels, or wood chips and volatile compounds, i.e. the combustion of fuel gases, which are not burned in traditional boilers.

Saules kolektori

Sun collectors

By using solar energy, you contribute to nature protection and reduce energy costs without sacrificing comfort. It is the best choice for hot water supply and central heating support all year round by converting sunlight into heat energy.


The products of our partner are of the highest quality and successfully certified according to the requirements of the harmonized European standards EN-1826-1: 2009 and EN-1826-2: 2009. The company has been granted the right to affix the CE marking.

Ventilation equipment

To prevent risks to human health, wet, contaminated air should be routed out regularly and replaced with fresh air. The newly injected air must enter all rooms of the house or apartment to ensure full and effective ventilation.

Wired fence

The Wired metal fence is a simple and convenient solution that can be used to restrict private houses, gardens, apple orchards, woodland and industrial areas. The sieve is designed so that no roller joints are visible during the assembly process.


Welded gabion cans are widely used for fixing wall structures, stonewalls and soil protection, etc. Welded gabions are filled on the ground with a hard and durable stone to form mass gravity structures.

Field fences

The field fence is a simple, economical, yet quite durable solution, ideal for delimiting pastures, apple orchards, highways and railways. The main task of this fence is to detain wild animals and demarcate livestock.

Panel fence

The panel fence stands out for its long life and does not require much investment in its maintenance. Its thoughtful and ascetic design, inconspicuous color and simple, symmetrical wire lines will give your object a clean look.

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